Project Name: Aurora Towers 7th Floor Podium Upgrade




Armstrong Building were recommended for a complex project to be carried out on the 7th floor of Aurora Towers, a Brisbane CBD high rise. The project was instigated as a result of issues with objects being dropped over balconies to the outdoor deck by overnight revellers. The project solution was to fabricate and install a complex system of structural steel awnings, laser cut aluminium roof panels and laser etched Perspex ceiling panels. Other works to the 7th floor deck included repairing failed waterproofing membranes and rebuilding all the garden beds, raised Modwood decks and BBQ areas. The works themselves were complex, because any fixings into the external fabric of the building had to avoid the reinforcement in the external wall to ensure the structural integrity of the remaining 65 floors above. The other main issue we overcame was the material handling to get building and construction materials and tools twenty metres above street level, whilst dealing the CBD Traffic restrictions. This was overcome with careful planning and a lot of crane work. The project was a huge success and ran on time and budget.